2015 Cannondale Slice Black Inc.


Price: $7,629.90. Only 1 bike available at this price.

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Rider Profile

Ideal for serious triathletes who want the lightest, best fitting, most comfortable tri bike on the planet.

Intended Use

Triathlons, Time Trials


Punching a hole in the wind.

Aerodynamic SAVE Features

AERO SAVE mates energy saving vertical compliance with slippery aerodynamic shapes. In a category overrun with harsh riding aero bikes, AERO SAVE offers a clear advantage: by absorbing the jarring vibrations of the road, AERO SAVE allows you to stay in the aero position longer, stay in better control over rough surfaces, and come off the bike fresher for the run.Found on Slice and Slice RS models

Ballistec Carbon Frame

BallisTec is Cannondale’s proprietary method of high-strength, high-stiffness carbon construction. It is the ideal blend of the most advanced materials in the world combined with the most advanced carbon engineering and design.The results speak for themselves.